» Benefits

  • Video Tutorials & Lesson Plans

    Our short videos guide you through how to teach math concepts visually and using conceptual understanding to your class, including common student errors to watch out for. They also come with printable lesson plans to support you while teaching.

  • Build Numeracy and Confidence:

    Most adults don’t understand math conceptually or visually because we were never taught! Educating Now not only helps you to teach math but it also helps you to deeply understand it so that you can teach it way more effectively and confidently.

  • Utilize the New Math Curriculum:

    All of our lessons and resources are concept-based and competency-driven as per the new BC Curriculum. You will find each of our lessons incorporate most of the curricular competencies.

  • Save Time:

    We’ve done the prep work for you! Our lessons utilize best practices, leading students towards a deeper understanding of math by using visuals and focusing on meaning and understanding

  • Improve Student Engagement:

    Turn ‘when are we going to need this?’ into ‘Wow! This is so cool!’ Students who are given the chance to discover mathematical concepts and properties for themselves through our carefully structured lessons appreciate and understand math in ways they never have before.

  • Transform Your Classroom:

    Transform your classroom to one where students are actively engaged in problem solving, discussing their ideas and supporting each other in their learning. With our lessons, learning becomes the focus and with that comes curiosity and motivation to learn and understand. Student confidence levels skyrocket as does their retention and achievement.

  • Covers Grades 4-8:

    We offer lessons for number and algebra concepts (because these have historically been taught very procedurally and most teachers have never seen them taught visually) for grades 4-8. We are currently building our K-3 lessons at this time and will always be adding to all of our grade levels.

  • Private Discussion Forum:

    We all know how much we learn when we are given time to collaborate with our colleagues. Our private forum offers teachers the chance to share their experiences and ideas and connect with other teachers who are working on the same concepts.

  • Why our Site Instead of Books:

    Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on books that often end up collecting dust on your shelves (because let’s be honest, who has time to read all these books?!) buy Educating Now! You will have lifetime access to our videos (a way faster way to learn), lesson plans, blogs, forum etc. It is also easier to use than all those books.

  • Q&A Webinars:

    Changing our practice takes time, patience and support. Our live Q&A offers you support and is another great opportunity to hear from others – what struggles they are having and together we come up with solutions and ideas that you can implement in your classroom the next day.

  • 1 on 1 Coaching:

    Need personal support? Many of us just want to ask an expert questions and pick their brain – Nikki is available for any type of coaching you need as she is well versed in mentoring and supporting teachers with varying needs.

  • Developed by a Teacher:

    Nikki tries out these lesson plans in many classrooms, fine tuning them and making them as user-friendly as possible. Nikki has seen the profound transformations in both students and teachers when teaching math conceptually and visually and so is passionate about helping ALL teachers teach this way.

  • Multi Sensory Approach:

    In order for our brains to make sense of mathematics we need much more than just numbers, symbols and rules. We need visuals and the opportunity to talk through or draw out our understandings until we really ‘get it’. Our lessons are structured so that the brain can take it’s natural course to learning: first concretely (we use blocks, fractions circles, anything students can physically move and touch), then pictorially (number lines, grids) and finally symbolically (using numbers and symbols).

  • Collaborative Math Teams:

    Do you want to take your math class to the next level? Math teams engage in our core competencies better than any other way of teaching: students are problem solving, collaborating and communicating regularly. This way of teaching frees up the teacher to work with struggling learners, creates equity in the classroom, empowers students to be the drivers of their own education AND teaches them crucial employability skills.

  • Teaching Tips:

    We offer tips, activities, advice to overcome common obstacles and more in Nikki’s blog. You can read about her experiences in various classrooms that may help you in your own classroom and watch her vlogs on ways to improve your own practice and how to communicate with parents about the changes in the way we teach math.