2 OCTOBER 2017


VICTORIA, BC – Hundreds of elementary and middle school teachers across Greater Victoria are getting a back-to-school boost thanks to School District 61’s (SD61) investment in a new math training resource, Educating Now.

It’s no secret that both learning and teaching math is cringe-worthy for many. Why? Many educators struggle to teach math conceptually and it becomes time-consuming and dreaded. Educating Now’s creators are confident this investment will transform local classrooms by having increasingly more teachers and students both love and have a solid understanding of math.

Educating Now is a comprehensive online platform filled with video tutorials, proven lesson plans, and teaching methods that cover number and algebra concepts for teachers from grades 4 to 8.

Its co-founder is a Victoria-based math teacher, Nikki Lineham. For years Nikki would meet frustrated teachers and students who were convinced math wasn't for them. She discovered that there were many ways to learn and teach math aside from the traditional methods of memorization, and then worked tirelessly to build a large inventory of easy-to-follow tutorial videos and materials.

Fellow teachers and some parents caught wind of this and tried it out.

“Educating Now is the math resource we’ve all been waiting for. The lesson plans are well laid out and the corresponding teacher videos clearly show how to run a lesson. Nikki has a wonderful way with words that is inviting for both teacher and student learners,” says grade 6 teacher Amy Collins.

With this district-wide license, teachers will have lifetime access to these math resources at any time they need.It will not only save them time, but it will boost confidence in both teachers and students.

Nikki also recently gave a TEDx talk on 'busting math myths' and is trusted in the math community. Her teaching methods are transforming math classrooms in North America.

“My goal is for all students to be able to understand mathematics and feel confident in their ability to learn it. This can help widen the scope of opportunities for their futures and help them become numerate adults,” says Nikki.

Educating Now is currently being offered to all educators who are required to teach math.